The quest for personal survival is also the solution to a better world, our collective destiny.
- From the Introduction to Section III,
Our Destiny

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You could be ready to embark on a journey that is sure to both agitate and satisfy your mind, heart, and soul.

The Challenge Is There For The Taking

Are you willing to take an adventurous journey of the mind and spirit; open to the discovery of truth in the most unlikely places?

Are you prepared to make faith a priority; to expand your comfort zone, questioning attitudes and challenging beliefs?

Are you ready to create a new and appealing philosophy of living that will lift humanity into an enlightened era of spiritual vitality--the next age of man?

Our actions reflect the essence of our beliefs.

Heaven Is Not the Last Stop is a lively tour of spiritual transformation inspired by The Urantia Book. Its the first in-depth reconciliation of epochal revelation with humanitys knowledge of origin, history, and destiny. This original work sorts through the confusion in our world and offers a practical framework for enlightened self-development. Revelation, personal insight, and new discoveries in science and consciousness point the way to authentic spiritual growth.

Sheila Keene Lund Author