“When we cultivate universal intelligence, we free faith, elevate wisdom, and live truth."
Sheila Keene-Lund

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Cultivation of Universal Intelligence

This article was developed from a workshop presented at the UAUS conference sponsored by Washington State Urantia Association and held at Dumas Bay Center in July 2007

When we think of the phrase “cultivation of universal intelligence,” each of us may have a different opinion as to what it means. In a world of instant gratification, the thought of cultivating anything seems like an arduous and long-drawn out process and our immediate question probably is: What’s in it for me? Today almost all decision-making is self-serving, individually and collectively.

How many of us have done a little retrospective thinking and picked up a self-help book about some philosophy of living or a method to change some quirk in our attitude? Being knowledgeable about a problem is important because it is a step towards better behavioral balance and it can inspire us to a greater good. The Urantia Book is a book that inspires, answering many questions about our origin, history and destiny not provided anywhere else. We may even expound about some newfound knowledge to anyone who might listen, but a major question arises: How many of us truly assimilate the knowledge we have gained and allow our newfound insights to influence the choices we make?

Sheila Keene Lund Author