“We can chart our future clearly and wisely only when we know the path which has led to the present."
- Adlai E. Stevenson I

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You could be ready to embark on a journey that is sure to both agitate and satisfy your
mind, heart, and soul.

Heaven Is Not the Last Stop

Have you ever asked yourself why our world is burdened with intolerance, prejudice, and hate when the foundations of all major religions are love, peace, and service? Do you wonder why we can’t seem to align our human actions with our divine ideals?

In the search for meaning our world has reached a plateau of spiritual beliefs, a blending of philosophies and theologies from east to west, from mainstream to the esoteric, from the ancient to the latest. Despite a growing interest in spiritual development, much of the world suffers from moral and spiritual stagnation. Peace, the yardstick of social evolution, continues to elude us. Our challenge is not so much to do things differently but to perceive them differently, in a new light that is laced with the wisdom of an epochal revelation. New insights into our understanding of God and God’s relation to humanity will stimulate devotion, spiritual humility and a selfless attitude of service. The faith grasp of the fatherhood of God makes obvious its corollary: the brotherhood of all humans. In the embrace of this simple yet profound spiritual understanding lies the potential to reshape our world.

Today’s stubborn adherence to rigid beliefs keeps humanity divided, locked in conflict and afflicted with violence. We see our own beliefs as truth, but too often our actions are not aligned with the essence of those beliefs. The brotherhood of man gets lip service but is largely ignored in the march of personal and global interactions. In the quest for dominance, power struggles and religious upheavals leave little consideration of our human commonality. Living the brotherhood of man is more than an intellectual concept or optimistic hope and the doing of righteousness is not enough. It is being righteous by faith, the result of deliberate and steadfast efforts to cultivate true spiritual character that nourishes unity and fosters the spirit of brotherhood.

Heaven Is Not the Last Stop is intended to be a soul shaker. Its message is designed to inspire the reader to reach for new levels of spiritual understanding and growth. Some may find the content too challenging, while others may embrace only that which requires little effort. Inquisitive people, however, may be inspired to examine their long-held beliefs and emerge with personal faith insights and fresh reconciliations of their own.

Consider that less than five hundred years ago the man credited with proposing an infinite universe was burned at the stake for heresy. It was not until 1939 that the papacy issued a statement accommodating science with religion. Scientists have just begun to postulate the connectedness between the seen and unseen that has always been known through personal religious experience. Now epochal revelation unveils new scientific horizons as it unravels spiritual mysteries. The grand universe is heaven and earth – it includes our world and a myriad of universes that extend to the area we call heaven. The nucleus of the universe is both a material location and a spiritual abode; it is the eternal core around which the vast creations of time and space revolve. This central dwelling place of God has been known in religion as Paradise and is the influence behind The Great Attractor of which science is now finding intriguing evidence. Religion and metaphysics are at a crossroads, ready to catapult believers to new levels of religious experience. The proposition that spirit, energy and mind are three distinct circuits will inspire new thinking and theories. Deeper levels of understanding and experience will lead to identifying ourselves with spirit rather than as spirit, cultivating the spiritual reverence that will make peace a reality in our world. The implications of these and other revelations on a personal and collective level are now emerging in our infancy of awakened consciousness. It will take resolve plus the skills and talent of farseeing and courageous individuals to objectively explore the blossoming propositions – sharing insights to move beyond individual preoccupation with enlightenment.

In Sections One and Two, Humanity’s Spiritual Origin and Humanity’s Spiritual History, we discover a higher spiritual meaning in religion within a logical and consistent philosophic framework that illuminates our spiritual place in the universe. Historical and theological gaps are filled in, replacing human speculation with reasonable revelation. You will discover the vast celestial hierarchy involved in the evolution and ascension of humanity and gain new insight into the existing relationships between soul, spirit, and personality.

Section Three, Humanity’s Spiritual Destiny, offers detail and clarity about our individual and collective destiny. Myths that distort the concept of heaven are dispelled and the “fires of hell” are extinguished. You will explore a widespread belief that has delayed social progress. The destiny of future generations is revealed, along with the great adventure that awaits you after death.Section Four, Cultivating Universal Intelligence, outlines a process for adopting an effective philosophy of living. This plan fosters emotional maturity and the scientific, moral, and spiritual insight for birthing new ideals, increasing the capacity to love, and living the brotherhood of man.

Collectively, the four sections comprise the guidelines for developing a cosmic perspective that is intended to empower you to make higher choices and add greater value to life, attracting all that is good in the mind and challenging you to express that which is best in your soul.

The challenge is there for the taking: Are you willing to take the ultimate journey of mind and spirit? Are you open to the discovery of truth? Are you prepared to make faith a priority, to expand your comfort zone, to question existing attitudes and beliefs? Are you ready to create a new and appealing philosophy of living that will lift humanity into an enlightened era of spiritual vitality--the next age of man? If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, you are ready to embark on a journey that is certain to both agitate and satisfy your mind, heart, and soul. Prepare to be amazed and uplifted!

Sheila Keene Lund Author

Sheila Keene Lund Author

Sheila Keene Lund Author