“We can chart our future clearly and wisely only when we know the path which has led to the present."
- Adlai E. Stevenson I

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You could be ready to embark on a journey that is sure to both agitate and satisfy your
mind, heart, and soul.

Frequent Asked Questions

If heaven is not the last stop,
what is the last stop?

I would like to answer that question with another question. What is your concept of heaven? Is it salvation, unity with God, Paradise? What if heaven is all that and more? Our journey through the heavens goes beyond our meeting God face to face. It is an adventure of progressive growth beyond our imagination that is influenced by the choices we make. My book explains in greater detail.

How does your book differ
from other spiritual books?

Heaven Is Not The Last Stop, inspired by epochal revelation, expands our understanding of the Big Picture of Existence by reducing religious misconceptions and filling-in missing gaps in humanity’s origin, history, and destiny. The book propels the reader to discover higher meanings and values in what he or she already knows. It shows how today’s seemingly irreconcilable views of God are not. Heaven Is Not The Last Stop dispels many myths about our destiny both individually and collectively. It enlivens a sense of understanding towards all religions and awakens a loving empathy towards all people. Heaven Is Not The Last Stop creates an inclusive perspective that sets this book apart from the rest, and promises to lift humanity one step above the quagmire of divisiveness in our world today

What is an epochal revelation?

Humanity is and always has been spiritually guided. Whether or not we believe in that guidance, it has always been there much like the particle smaller than an atom which is yet to be discovered by science. Spiritual guidance and knowledge is given to humanity through revelation. Revelation is the technique for imparting knowledge of God and the relation of God to the universe. Revelation may be personal or epochal. As en epochal phenomenon, revelation is periodic, imparted as the inspiration for a new era of planetary evolution. Heaven is Not the Last Stop is inspired by the fifth and latest epochal revelation found in The Urantia Book.

Sheila Keene Lund Author

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